Quicktime Quality

For some reason, Quicktime will choose the lowest quality stream when viewing video (by default.) This is particularly noticeable when you are watching DV footage since DV encoded avi's have…

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Multithreading & Gpgpu, A quick tour

I just read a great post by Mark Alexander on the current state of Multithreading and GpGPU work. Mark gave me permission to re-posted it here. Opinions stated within are Mark’s own, not his employer.


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iWeb Color Profile Help

I had a simple task to accomplish using iWeb 2.0.2. I wanted to make a jpeg image that seamlessly blended into the background color. This should be simple but due to iWeb’s built-in color management, I could only find one workflow that allows colors in jpeg images to match the background color in all of the various web browsers. (more…)

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One Million items

Installed Leopard and plugged in an external hard drive. A few minutes later, this appeared. Apparently there are over a million items being backed up right now. I'm not sure…

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WordPress tag cloud formatting

I’ve written a simple plugin that removes the html line breaks (br) between tags when the command wp_tag_cloud() is called from within a post. This is useful for people running a hack like runPHP to be able to execute commands since this behavior doesn’t manifest itself if you run the command from within a template.



Handy Linux Shortcuts

Copy files with tar, this preserves time/date stamps and permissions nicely. tar cf - * | ( cd /target; tar xfp -) Backup and a restore a mySql database: mysqldump…

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Run Synergy Automatically during login on a Mac

Synergy is a great program that let’s you share one keyboard and mouse across multiple computers. I’m using it to connect a mac to a PC.

I wanted the synergy server to be running on my mac automatically every time I login. This feature is a button-click in the gui version on the PC but there are some more involved instructions on the official site for accomplishing this on a mac but it required using a login hook (which I didn’t want to do). After some experimentation, here’s an alternative that uses a shell script, and an automator script to get the job done.



Click to play movie in keynote

I’ve been very happy with my transition from Powerpoint to Keynote…particularly when dealing with lots of movies in a presentation. One feature I was suprised to find missing in keynote is a “click to play” option on an imbedded movie. For some reason, keynote doesn’t have that option built-in. I found a decent workaround:


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