Synergy is a great program that let’s you share one keyboard and mouse across multiple computers. I’m using it to connect a mac to a PC.

I wanted the synergy server to be running on my mac automatically every time I login. This feature is a button-click in the gui version on the PC but there are some more involved instructions on the official site for accomplishing this on a mac but it required using a login hook (which I didn’t want to do). After some experimentation, here’s an alternative that uses a shell script, and an automator script to get the job done.

First, make a file called run_synergy.command and customize it to launch synergy with your arguments:

#!/bin/sh prog=(/Applications/synergy/synergy-1.3.1/synergys -c /Applications/synergy/synergy-1.3.1/synergy.conf)

### Stop any currently running Synergy client 
killall ${prog[0]##*/} >> /Applications/synergy/error_log 2>&1

### Start the new client 
exec "${prog[@]}" >> /Applications/synergy/error_log 2>&1

As you can probably see, that will restart the server for you, keeping a log of what it’s doing in case you need to do some debugging.

Next, create a new workflow with Automator. The workflow will only have one item called “Run Shell Script” and it will simply point to the run_synergy.command file you’ve just created. Save that Automator script as an Application called “run_synergy”.

The final step is to visit Preferences->Accounts->Login Items and add the run_synergy Automator script you just created to the list.

You can [download the run_synergy automator application and script 123k zip. The download contains these files as I’ve described above if you’d rather not go through the steps yourself. Simply install both in /Applications/synergy/ and adjust the file run_synergy.command to taste. Enjoy.

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  1. When I use the automator application, I see the icon in my dock only while the program is launching and then it disappears automatically. I wonder if it’s something in the config file for synergy that makes it run in the background or if it’s just a difference between the two different versions of the OS (Works for me in Leopard and Snow Leopard).

    Let me know if you discover the solution.

  2. This was handy, especially since my loginhook for synergy stopped working after I updated to Leopard. I know nothing about automator though. I see this leaves an icon for the running app in my Dock. Any way to run this completely invisibly in the background and not have a Dock icon show up?

  3. Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. At least on Snow Leopard, I don’t get the Automator icon in my dock after launching run_synergy.

  4. Thanks, just what I was looking for. You might want to add that I had to chmod run_synergy.command (chmod 755 run_synergy.command). Thanks, James

  5. This is great! Thanks!

    I know this post is old, but if you add >/dev/null 2>&1 & to the end of the Automator path, the application will automatically quit after launching and running the script.

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