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  • Speed Up Your Internet Access

    Speed Up Your Internet Access

    Does your home internet access take forever to go to websites getting stuck at the phrase, “Looking up site” in the status bar? I stumbled across a fix…

  • Excel Dates Incompatible from PC to Mac?

    Excel Dates Incompatible from PC to Mac?

    I discovered an amazing “bug” in excel tonight. I needed to create a copy of part of a spreadsheet into a new sheet. See if you can spot the difference between the original on the left and the new spreadsheet on the right: You’ll notice that the dates are off by exactly 4 years and…

  • Force an email through

    Force an email through

    Every once in a while, emails get stuck in my webserver’s mail queue behind a backlog of spam. Here are a few useful commands from this article to push the legit mails that are hanging out in /var/spool/mqueue/:

  • CPU Benchmarks circa 1997

    CPU Benchmarks circa 1997

    About 10 years ago we were curious to see how our SGI’s stacked up against other processors in terms of rendering power. We chose a “highly complicated” scene to render with PovRay since it was available for many systems and collected the results. We just recently re-ran the benchmark on a modern computer and you’ll…

  • Quicktime Quality

    Quicktime Quality

    For some reason, Quicktime will choose the lowest quality stream when viewing video (by default.) This is particularly noticeable when you are watching DV footage since DV encoded avi’s have both a high quality and a low quality stream. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to watch the low quality stream on any modern…

  • Multithreading & Gpgpu, A quick tour

    I just read a great post by Mark Alexander on the current state of Multithreading and GpGPU work. Mark gave me permission to re-posted it here. Opinions stated within are Mark’s own, not his employer.

  • iWeb Color Profile Help

    I had a simple task to accomplish using iWeb 2.0.2. I wanted to make a jpeg image that seamlessly blended into the background color. This should be simple but due to iWeb’s built-in color management, I could only find one workflow that allows colors in jpeg images to match the background color in all of…

  • One Million items

    One Million items

    Installed Leopard and plugged in an external hard drive. A few minutes later, this appeared. Apparently there are over a million items being backed up right now. I’m not sure why I think that’s cool.

  • WordPress tag cloud formatting

    I’ve written a simple plugin that removes the html line breaks (br) between tags when the command wp_tag_cloud() is called from within a post. This is useful for people running a hack like runPHP to be able to execute commands since this behavior doesn’t manifest itself if you run the command from within a template.