I heard just heard about another web analytics program today called Woopra. I have to be honest and say that my first reaction is that I'm quite happy with Google's…

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Speed Up Your Internet Access

Does your home internet access take forever to go to websites getting stuck at the phrase, “Looking up site www.185vfx.com” in the status bar?

I stumbled across a fix…


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Excel Dates Incompatible from PC to Mac?

I discovered an amazing “bug” in excel tonight. I needed to create a copy of part of a spreadsheet into a new sheet. See if you can spot the difference between the original on the left and the new spreadsheet on the right:


You’ll notice that the dates are off by exactly 4 years and 1 day after a simple cut-and-paste into a fresh spreadsheet. It took a little while to figure out why this was happening.



Force an email through

Every once in a while, emails get stuck in my webserver’s mail queue behind a backlog of spam. Here are a few useful commands from this article to push the legit mails that are hanging out in /var/spool/mqueue/:


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CPU Benchmarks circa 1997

About 10 years ago we were curious to see how our SGI’s stacked up against other processors in terms of rendering power. We chose a “highly complicated” scene to render with PovRay since it was available for many systems and collected the results.

We just recently re-ran the benchmark on a modern computer and you’ll notice the update at the top of the table. (more…)

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