I’ve been very happy with my transition from Powerpoint to Keynote…particularly when dealing with lots of movies in a presentation. One feature I was suprised to find missing in keynote is a “click to play” option on an imbedded movie. For some reason, keynote doesn’t have that option built-in. I found a decent workaround:

First duplicate the slide with the movie and then save keynote file. Then, in the finder, right mouse on the keynote file and “Browse Package Contents”. In the package, there will be a .png file keynote made of the poster frame of the movie. Then, just drag that .png file (from the package) into the presentation and position and resize to match the video. Now, you’ll have one slide with a still image (the poster frame) and the next slide with the movie and it makes a seamless transition between the two.

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  1. In the version of Keynote that comes with iWork ’08, this workaround is no longer needed.

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