Speed Up Your Internet Access

Does your home internet access take forever to go to websites getting stuck at the phrase, “Looking up site www.185vfx.com” in the status bar?

I stumbled across a fix…

I use Time Warner for internet access at home and it’s been quite slow lately. Specifically, the DNS lookups were sometimes taking more than 5 seconds to resolve. Once I was connected to a website, the actual transfer speed was quite good, but getting started on every page could take some time. You know if you have this problem if your web browser says something like, “Looking up site www.185vfx.com” in the status bar for any amount of time.

The fix? OpenDNS.org. They operate free DNS servers that are much faster than what Time Warner provides. It’s fairly easy to configure your individual computer or your router to use OpenDNS servers instead of the default DNS servers provided by your ISP. Since it’s free, you can try it out and see if it speeds up your web browsing too.

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