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  • How fast is litespeed?

    How fast is litespeed?

    As is my hobby on some weekends, I’ve been tuning my web server for greater performance. While last time I used Apache and PHP5-FPM to get extra performance in a small footprint, today I’m trying openlitespeed. So far, I like it.

  • Digitizing Bad VHS Tapes

    If you’re digitizing VHS and MiniDV tapes with bad timecode and control track, the OSX app you want is Vidi. Wonderful. And then you want to use GIF Brewery 3 to add a 1.3 gamma correction and output MP4’s.

  • Organize Images by date

    Use ExifTool to organize images by date: exiftool -d %Y-%m-%d “-directory

  • Touring Plans Redesign

    Touring Plans Redesign

    I’m a big fan of Touring Plans. It’s a mobile application that gives advice on how to miss most of the lines. We’ve used it regularly at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World as a family and it’s works really well. They are taking a new pass at the design for their app. They posted…

  • PHP7.0 and Apache Event MPM

    I’m running Ubuntu 16.04 along with PHP7.0 and was running into this error when trying to use Apache Event MPM: Apache is running a threaded MPM, but your PHP Module is not compiled to be threadsafe. You need to recompile PHP.

  • What is Time Machine backing up now?

    Ever curious to see what files Time Machine is backing up right now? Open up the terminal, and type this command (you’ll need your password): sudo opensnoop -n backupd | grep -v ‘Time Machine Backups’ Opensnoop watches the files that Time Machine accesses and tattles on it. I’m always surprised to see the files I’ve…

  • Trials on Tatooine

    Trials on Tatooine

    This week ILMxLAB did the first public play test of Trials on Tatooine at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Trails on Tatooine is a first-person story-based virtual reality experiment where you don a headset and get to walk around Tatooine, stand beneath the Millennium Falcon as in comes in for a landing nearly on your…

  • iPhone Alarm Without Buzzing

    If you want an iPhone alarm that wakes you up, but does not try to shock you to consciousness with obnoxious vibrations, as of iOS 9 it’s now finally possible.

  • High performance WordPress in 512MB

    High performance WordPress in 512MB

    I’ve been experimenting with migrating from a 2 gig VPS server to a much smaller 512MB server for hosting this blog and a dozen or so other small sites. I have had great experiences with Linode over the years, but wanted to try Digital Ocean as they have the small inexpensive servers which seem perfect for hosting personal…