The Palm Pre, in Threes

I recently got a Palm Pre. So far, I like it. Here’s my review in three parts.

First, the 3 complaints from other reviewers that I’ve found to be wrong:

    3. When browsing contacts, you do not need iPhone-esque alphabetical tabs for navigation. The Pre has a keyboard and jumps to the contact when you type.
    2. The keyboard works very well.
    1. The edge of the keyboard is not dangerously sharp. In fact, the edge of my Macbook Pro is much sharper.

Second, my 3 favorite features:

    3. Photos automatically sync for your contacts from Facebook or Google and get used throughout the interface.
    2. When in card mode (not in an app), you can search for anything just by typing. This means you don’t have to launch the phone app to dial the phone, find a contact, or search google/wikipedia. Very slick.
    1. The Sprint software that gives turn-by-turn directions actually works very well.

And third, the 3 things Palm needs to do with future updates:

    3. Allow me to add more items to the auto-correction list. In fact, allow 3rd party software to enhance them too. Update: Available in a 3rd party app now.
    2. Copy and paste is inconvenient at best. Please remedy.
    1. There needs to be a way to completely turn off a notification message at the bottom of the screen. I always have email and I already know that. Update: This has been fixed in firmware update 1.1.0. Thanks!

Also, I’d love for there to API suport for network sockets and a canvas element that supports paths [Update: Canvas element is complete enough in 1.2.0], then I could write the Guess-A-Sketch client for the Pre.


5 responses to “The Palm Pre, in Threes”

  1. To turn of a notification message simply slide it off to the right, exactly like you do when deleting a conversation

  2. Yes…that eliminates the message until the next email comes in. Unfortunately, if you get a hundred or more emails a day, the reminder is nearly a constant “friend”.

  3. Wayne Lindgren

    I do not know – I am perplexed-I dreamed about the Pre as the ads were so compelling but know that I have it I am not6 completely satisfied and really board to tears with no apps to play with-

    I like the keyboard and it is easy to type on with nails
    I like the card feature and the swish off the screen with both up or l/r with emails
    I like the sleekness and it seems to be durable

    I do not like the cheap plastic catch covering the charge/sync mini usb port-mine is hanging and I can not clip it back in

    I do not like the KB coming out the bottom rathe than the landscape position

    I do not like that you can not read email in landscape unless you put in a hack code rocknrollhax every time

    I do not like the way you answer the phone by unlocking to answer-80% of the time I send my calls to VM instaed of being able to answer them-whats up with thaT?

    [edited out the all caps]

  4. Sorry for shouting at the end of my last post My caps were on by mistake

    One more item on the Pre-why only 3 pages of apps-I know there are only 30 avail but I would think 3 pges are not going to cut it when they start flowing with the apps

  5. I’ve had my Pre given that shortly right after release and am glad to find (via this forum) that I can now set a ring tone on incoming text messages and can research as a result of e-mails and this kind of. Now is there any hope for an upcoming release where I can research my calendar? Would make my work much less difficult, acquiring dates of last appointments. No other complaints, except that yesterday I was in and out of Sprint service (not unusual). I think I had been roaming, and looked at my calendar. Everything inside the calendar was 1 hour earlier than what I had input. The clock was just one hour early as properly. I had been frightened to death–then, as soon as we got back into Sprint service again, anything was normalized. Has this happened to any individual else?? Shopping forward to answers, but please keep in mind, I’m no techie and speak English instead of technospeak.