Cloudy and The Oscars

Cloudy and The Oscars

We got this awesome email from Chris and Phil this week. It really captures the spirit of working with them:

To our incredible crew of geniuses: We made a really ridiculous movie together. We were able to get away with so much gorgeous, glorious, weirdness, and that as a result, we were showered with more success than anyone dared expect. And now, we have earned the most legendary honor a movie can get: an Oscar snub. The imprint of a true original. A rebel.

But if you’re feeling a little disappointed, remember that we didn’t make this film together so it would be nominated for an Academy Award. We made it so that westbound United Airlines passengers would have something with which to temporarily divert themselves. And we succeeded. We also had an unforgettable experience making great art together, art which made a lot of people laugh, think, and not buy needless items from the Skymall catalog.

Congratulations and a lifelong thank you to all of you for making a warm, strange, sweet, smart, hilarious funny cartoon film. We are very very very proud.

Chris and Phil!

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This sounds fun, are you hiring?

Yes! We are almost always hiring at ILM. Check for the latest info and browse the posted positions in our studios around the world.

Can I send you a Star Wars idea or a script?

Unfortunately no. As an employee of Lucasfilm I cannot receive unsolicated pitches.

I'd like to study to work in the entertainment industry, what roles should I consider?

Check out Get In the Door for interviews with a number of people in a wide variety of positions at Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic. I think you may find someone there who inspires you.

How can I contribute to software used by the entertainment industry?

The Academy Software Foundation is an open source, non-profit organization dedicated to getting people involved in a healthy software ecosytem for filmmaking, many of our projects focus on visual-effects and animation. I recommend checking out to learn more and get involved as it's a great way to meet people working in the industry and find a passion project to contribute to.