Academy Award for Katana

This weekend the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded Steve LaVietes, Jeremy Selen and Brian Hall an Academy Award for their work on Imagework’s Katana. Not surprisingly, it was a fantastic night.


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Disecting a Hard Drive

When I was a kid I dissected a frog. Today we dissected a hard drive.

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Slow moving

It turns out, we cannot be trusted to pack a box.

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Aardman Animation

Photographed in the lobby of the awesome Aardman Animation Studios. Bristol, England © 2011 Rob Bredow

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Stereo Workshop

Last week a number of the supervisors from Imageworks took a few hours to get hands-on with the latest stereo rigs and equipment...

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Mobile Expressionists

Palm just featured our work on Paratrooper in a new video series...

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Aperture: Stuff I’ve Learned

After a few days playing with a trial version of Aperture I've learned a few things. I'm a long time user of iPhoto and Picasa. More recently I've been testing…

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Mac Picasa to Photoshop Button

Although it's already pretty straightforward to right-click on an image in Picasa to edit it in Photoshop, sometimes it's nice to be able to just tap a button. If you're…

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