Surf’s Up (Wii)

Here's a look at the Wii version of the video game from Ubisoft. Looks like it's going to rock.

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Press Conference in Hawaii

Some of the first images released from the film as well as an interview with a few of the stars. Sal Masekela, Rob Machado and Kelly Slater had a blast…

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vi gem

I’ve been using “vi” (a popular unix text editor) for about 15 years. Today I learned something important. Vi has bookmarks that can be used for doing stuff with blocks of text easily.


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Markdown Extra Improvement

I've been using Markdown Extra for formatting posts and pages for a new site I'm working on. Since I want the back-end editing to be as simple as possible, I…

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History in all it’s 640×480 glory…

Google has announced today on their official blog that they are starting a pilot program to digitize the National Archives' video content. They posted a few example links including the…

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2 Picasa2 Tips

Tip 1: Hover over any thumbnail and hit Ctrl-Alt. It will instantly fill the screen with the high resolution image. Tip 2: Hit Ctrl-L and your web browser will pop…

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Quote of the Day

"You know what's not pleasant? Drinking at the water fountain and feeling the stream of water dip when someone flushes the toilet in the bathroom next door.", Maggie Mason.

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Taco Bell Express

I was at a museum recently and noticed that they had some fast food offerings. I didn’t think much of it until I noticed the Taco Bell Express. I simply don’t understand the marketing genius behind that one.

Who is the target audience for Taco Bell Express? Are they really looking for the fast food customer who is unhappy with the 30-60 second delays commonly experienced at your regular Taco Bell? Are there really people out there saying, “Mmmm…Taco Bell…If only I had the time…” For you: Taco Bell Express! (more…)

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