Surf’s Up DVD #1

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Surf's Up was the #1 seller on DVD in the first week of it's release making $8.1 million.

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Handy Linux Shortcuts

Copy files with tar, this preserves time/date stamps and permissions nicely. tar cf - * | ( cd /target; tar xfp -) Backup and a restore a mySql database: mysqldump…

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Over the past few years, I've done many interviews (sometimes, literally throughout world). After the travel and jet lag, sitting in a room interviewing one person every 25 minutes for…

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Run Synergy Automatically during login on a Mac

Synergy is a great program that let’s you share one keyboard and mouse across multiple computers. I’m using it to connect a mac to a PC.

I wanted the synergy server to be running on my mac automatically every time I login. This feature is a button-click in the gui version on the PC but there are some more involved instructions on the official site for accomplishing this on a mac but it required using a login hook (which I didn’t want to do). After some experimentation, here’s an alternative that uses a shell script, and an automator script to get the job done.



Wrangling Waves

J.P. Beeghly: Hey Rob, can you get down to Dana Point within 3 hours? Rob Bredow: Uh, yea. It moved up? J.P. Beeghly: Yup, Sean thinks the swell is coming…

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FxGuide features Surf’s Up at Siggraph

John Montgomery from caught up with me at Siggraph to shoot an interview. It makes for a nice summary of some of the wave techniques we presented at the…

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