Crashed Mac

A friend recently crashed his Mac. We were chatting when he cracked me up with this gem: Hope I don't have to meet a mac genius. I'd look so un-cool…

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Feature Creep…

We recently got an HP all-in-one printer. It has a feature for red-eye removal. It's a printer?

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Over the past few years, I've done many interviews (sometimes, literally throughout world). After the travel and jet lag, sitting in a room interviewing one person every 25 minutes for…

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Rare Ansel Adams Outtakes

This rare set of images was found in the Los Angeles Public Library and features "the Greatest Generation", men and women, as they went to war and went to work.…

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Quote of the Day

"You know what's not pleasant? Drinking at the water fountain and feeling the stream of water dip when someone flushes the toilet in the bathroom next door.", Maggie Mason.

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Taco Bell Express

I was at a museum recently and noticed that they had some fast food offerings. I didn’t think much of it until I noticed the Taco Bell Express. I simply don’t understand the marketing genius behind that one.

Who is the target audience for Taco Bell Express? Are they really looking for the fast food customer who is unhappy with the 30-60 second delays commonly experienced at your regular Taco Bell? Are there really people out there saying, “Mmmm…Taco Bell…If only I had the time…” For you: Taco Bell Express! (more…)

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