Megiddo – The Destruction of the Colliseum

!@(projects/megiddo/maquette.jpg:L popimg: “Colliseum Maquette”) It started as a line in the script:

INSERT [PARIS] A comet races towards the earth and destroys the Eiffel Tower.

After doing some initial storyboarding and planning I presented an alternative to the director and producers. The Eiffel Tower (along with all of Paris) had been suitably destroyed in Armageddon (1998) so perhaps we should consider something closer to “home” for our characters, the Colosseum. it was agreed and written into the script. (more…)

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Stuart Little – FX

!@(projects/misc/stu-tub-face.jpg popimg: “Stuart in a Washing Machine”)The evolution of the first Stuart Little film was a very interesting process to watch as we created the star of the film to fill the empty mostly photographic plates. This was one of the very first times a CG character held a major role in a film so it was a big step for everyone involved. During some of the early screenings of the movie there were a number of awkward moments as you tried to imagine the action on-screen and determine whether it was “working” or not. As the mouse was finished in more and more shots it became clear that the film worked in a fun and quirky way. Everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief. The film was released in December 1999 to a great opening box office and favorable reviews. (more…)

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