Free Paratrooper on WebOSAppDay

Today the WebOS community is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the Palm Pre by buying apps to support developers. Of course, we love this idea and want to give back to the community with a little contest of our own.

To participate, make Paratrooper your #WebOSAppDay purchase and then tweet about it. Make sure to include the words “Paratrooper” and “#WebOSAppDay” in your tweet. At the end of today, we’ll pick 10 winners at random and pay for your copy of Paratrooper!

(A couple of details: If you don’t already follow @kaboomapps follow us so that we can DM you for your winnings. Alternatively, look for a tweet from @kaboomapps tomorrow to see if you have won. We’ll pay each winner $2.50 USD via paypal to cover your purchase price and any paypal fees. Void where prohibited)

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  1. Hi, I won the free app today but I can not DM you back on Twitter until you follow me also. Thanks.

  2. Should be updated now. Thanks!

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