Palm Loves Developers

Palm is known for treating their developers well. However, I was completely blown away to get this package delivered to my door today.

I received an email a few weeks ago from a Palm employee who indicated they had used Paratrooper as part of their CTIA and CES booth. Since they were retiring the panel, they wanted to know if I was interested in re-using it.

He indicated the panel was large, but I had no idea. The box was 10 feet tall and 4.5 feet wide!

The print looks so good, my daughters thought the keyboard might actually work.

Larger than life! It’s fun to see a 10 foot tall version of Paratrooper running on the Pixi.

Thank you Palm for sending this along. Another example of Palm treating their developers like first class members of the team.


13 responses to “Palm Loves Developers”

  1. Awesome! Love your app, its the best!

  2. when is 3d gaming coming to pixi?
    I really can’t wait… HURRY PALM 🙂

  3. It’s really viral marketing targeted at your Daughters… They want to make sure they know to ask you to get them Pixis as well now 🙂

  4. That is freaking cool!!

  5. That will look great in your office. Very nice of Palm to send it along.

  6. Congrats! Looks great!

  7. Well done Rob, you deserve the recognition for your efforts!

  8. Wow, wonder how much that cost to ship! Go Palm!

  9. Maria Smith

    when is flash coming to palm phone, specifically PALM PIXI for sprint.

  10. I have to say that my selection to purchase a Palm Pixi with Sprint provider was both a rational and emotional a single. I suggest, the Palm Pixi is stunning and functional. And coupled while using support quality of Sprint, it appears nothing brief of the revolution within the doing. I think that Palm and Sprint have (practically) hit it off famously. I did a whole lot of investigation before getting the Pixi but overlooked at very least just one thing. The Pixi won’t, yet, permit me synchronize my e-mails involving it and Outlook. As far as I am concerned, this really is a drawback I am facing unless Palm comes up with a solution rapidly. With my previous SmartPhone running a Windows OS, it was a snap to synchronize e-mails along with other data with one’s Personal computer. But Pixi’s inability to accomplish so is producing lifestyle a small challenging for me simply because I have to Bcc each e-mail, I send out, to my e-mail address after which manually transfer it towards ‘sent’ folder in Outlook. I hope Palm, or at minimum a third-party, will come up using a alternative really soon that could very easily permit me synchronize all my e-mails, and ideally all required information, between the Pixi and my office Personal computer.