Print Selection Only


One of the few things that is not very slick on the Mac are the print dialogs. This is particularly obvious when trying to print with a non-standard setup on something like photo paper. By default, every time the requester comes up, it will restore the default settings. With hundreds of options to configure, it can be a real hassle. Setting the Preset to “Last used settings…” can help with that.

However, nothing has been as frustrating to me as not being able to “Print Selection Only” from within Firefox. I’m constantly wanting to print just part of a web page and the option is nearly always greyed out for me. Here are the steps to ensure the “Print Selection Only” option is clickable with Firefox on a Mac:

    1. Select what you’d like to print in Firefox.
    2. Select File->Print (or Command-P)
    3. Set the Preset to “Standard”.


It’s mind-boggling to me that setting the preset to anything but “Standard” would cause the “Print selection Only” option to be unselectable, but that seems to do the trick. If you’d prefer to print with other printer settings, don’t forget to manually adjust those to your preferred settings after you’ve set the preset.