Pink Floyd released the “Take in Back” music video in 1994. I worked long hours on one shot in the video for two weeks, laying it off to tape only minutes before our producer had to board a red-eye flight to Florida for the editing session the next morning.

12 years later I received this email with this image and the following message:

I am a life-long fan of Pink Floyd and recently stumbled onto your webpage. I would be most grateful if you could comment on the attached image. It is a still frame which reveals some embedded imagery. Why that specific symbol?

I seem to get 1 or two of these questions a year from Pink Floyd fans and followers mostly pertaining to the symbols hidden in the video. I enjoy trying to remember the specifics. “Who was it exactly who asked you to add the symbols to the rocks in the road as they were being ripped up by the tornado?”

I think the director (was his name Mark?) dropped the photos on my desk to be scanned and hidden in the rocks. I’m guessing those photos might be worth something if only I had thought to keep them.

Flowers and Mushroom Clouds
Great Failed Ideas in Production

This sounds fun, are you hiring?

Yes! We are almost always hiring at ILM. Check for the latest info and browse the posted positions in our studios around the world.

Can I send you a Star Wars idea or a script?

Unfortunately no. As an employee of Lucasfilm I cannot receive unsolicated pitches.

I'd like to study to work in the entertainment industry, what roles should I consider?

Check out Get In the Door for interviews with a number of people in a wide variety of positions at Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic. I think you may find someone there who inspires you.

How can I contribute to software used by the entertainment industry?

The Academy Software Foundation is an open source, non-profit organization dedicated to getting people involved in a healthy software ecosytem for filmmaking, many of our projects focus on visual-effects and animation. I recommend checking out to learn more and get involved as it's a great way to meet people working in the industry and find a passion project to contribute to.