May I Have Your Attention Please
“Alarm, Alarm, Alarm! An Emergency has been reported in the building. Please stand by for further instructions while we verify this emergency. Alarm, Alarm, Alarm!”

I’m sitting in the EliteBusiness Class Lounge (emphasis and spacing theirs) in Atlanta listening to the above alarm repeat ad-nausium over the loudspeaker. The emergency lights are flashing. It seems like everyone should be running somewhere with their loved ones, leaving their bags behind. It seems like a real emergency.

But, no one is. We’re just covering our ears and waiting for it to end. In fact, this is probably the stupidest alarm I have ever heard. “Hey Everyone, in a minute, there might be a real emergency. In the meantime, you’ll have to subtle for a headache inducing ring while we see.”

Yes, that’s a photo of the flashing light on the ceiling that would have sent an epileptic person into seizures by now.

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