Stuart Little Effects Animation

Stuart Little Effects Animation

The evolution of the first Stuart Little film was a very interesting process to participate in as we created the star of the film to fill the empty mostly photographic plates. This was one of the very first times a CG character held a major role in a film so it was a big step for everyone involved. During some of the early screenings of the movie there were a number of awkward moments as you tried to imagine the action on-screen and determine whether it was “working” or not. As the mouse was finished in more and more shots it became clear that the film worked in a fun and quirky way. Everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief. The film was released in December 1999 to a great opening box office and favorable reviews.

This was my first project at Sony Imageworks and was a great experience for me. I ended up with the credit of Lead Effects Animator and was involved in most of the effects animation in the film. On the side, I helped out a little with some of the cloth simulation work and a few other small tasks here and there.

A few selections from my shots are detailed below.

Stuart Little in his bed. Bed sheet wrinkles and depressions for CG mouse (animation & shading)

Stuart Little brushing his teeth. Droplets of water and toothpaste (animation & shading)

Stuart Little in the washing machine. Enhanced practical water with cg ripples, drips, bubbles and other interaction. Animation, shading & lighting

Stuart Little in the washing machine. Created cg waterline, water dripping down glass and hand prints (animation, shading & lighting)

Stuart Little in the washing machine. Created cg waterline, water dripping down glass and hand prints (animation, shading & lighting)

Stuart Little burping up a soap bubble. CG soap bubble. (animation & shading)

Stuart in the sewer. CG water enhancements including interactive ripples (animation & shading)

Stuart falls out of a box of crackers. Cg fish crackers to interact with stuart’s fall. (animation & lighting)

I did a bunch more work on the show as well, but those are a few samples. Hope you enjoyed the film.

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This sounds fun, are you hiring?

Yes! We are almost always hiring at ILM. Check for the latest info and browse the posted positions in our studios around the world.

Can I send you a Star Wars idea or a script?

Unfortunately no. As an employee of Lucasfilm I cannot receive unsolicated pitches.

I'd like to study to work in the entertainment industry, what roles should I consider?

Check out Get In the Door for interviews with a number of people in a wide variety of positions at Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic. I think you may find someone there who inspires you.

How can I contribute to software used by the entertainment industry?

The Academy Software Foundation is an open source, non-profit organization dedicated to getting people involved in a healthy software ecosytem for filmmaking, many of our projects focus on visual-effects and animation. I recommend checking out to learn more and get involved as it's a great way to meet people working in the industry and find a passion project to contribute to.